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Spousal and Child Support

Utah’s standard child support guidelines are applied to nearly every divorce case in the state. However, under special circumstances, there may be an exception. When calculating child support obligations, both parents’ gross incomes and child-related expenses are taken into consideration. Child support payments continue until the child reaches age 18 or has completed high school (whichever occurs last), and, in some cases, may extend through secondary education.

These guidelines are presumed to be correct unless it is shown that the amount would be unjust or inappropriate under the particular circumstances of the case.

Factors that may be considered for an outside-the-standard award include:

  • The living situation of both parties
  • The income and relative wealth of both parties
  • Earning abilities of both parents
  • Special needs of any parents of children
  • Ages of parents and children
  • The responsibility that the parents may have to support others
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