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An online divorce in Utah can be a quick and inexpensive way to prepare documents for an uncontested divorce. At, the process will begin by filling out a simple online questionnaire. The questionnaire will be used to generate the paperwork to begin filing for your divorce in Utah. You will have access to resources and instructions that will be included with the forms generated based on your answers. These resources will walk you through the process from filing to finalizing your divorce with the court. A DIY online divorce can be the easiest and quickest way to file an uncontested divorce in the State of Utah.
We provide you with:
  • All Required Utah State Forms.
  • Utah-Specific Court Filing Instructions.
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active.

Online Divorce Without a Lawyer in Utah

In Utah, some counties may allow spouses to mail divorce documents to the courthouse for filing, rather than physically delivering them. The specific regulations and requirements do vary from county to county. Also, not every case is eligible for filing by mail in any county. When you have completed your forms, if you have any out-of-the-ordinary issues, it may be best to contact the local clerk of courts to inquire about the best way to file.

When you complete your paperwork with, we'll provide you with simple instructions tailored for your area. You can take your forms directly to the courthouse and present them to the clerk of the court. In some cases, this can help speed along the process.

You can file for online divorce in Utah without a lawyer right now.

The necessary steps to file for divorce in the State of Utah are:
  • Fill out your divorce forms using our simple questionnaire to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Review, sign, and file the documents required to initiate divorce.
  • Give your spouse the document he or she needs to review and sign.
  • Inform the court that your case is not contested and you are ready to finalize your divorce.
  • The judge will review your case, make any requests, and sign the Decree of Divorce to complete your divorce.

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Craig M. P.
SaltLake County
Thank you for providing this service,it made things alot easier with me and my spouse. Craig Perry
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Greg R.
Very easy and understandable, was a pleasure to do the divorce this way instead of dealing with attorneys.
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Angela C W.
Salt Lake County
I like how simple this process was. There was always an explanation for questions I had and it was pretty straight forward.
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Anna B.
United States
I really found this site to be very helpful. Going through a divorce isn't an easy thing to go through but this made it very easy. Thank you.
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Samantha P.
Using this service was easy and fast, costs the same as going through the court and they serve your ex for you! i heard from them by phone call and was offered assistance immediately after starting the application.
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Rebecca S.
Very easy process. Any time I spoke with customer service they were great!
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Amanda T.
This was my first time and for a very intimidating and overwhelming process, I appreciated the great organization and effectiveness of this service.
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Gregory S.
The process was easy so far! The whole divorce issue is bad enough, glad this part was as easy as it could be.
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Derrick B.
Weber County
Easy process to help complete the application process and refenced to all areas help reduce tension in this stressful process of divorce.
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